Hassle-free Payouts - Bulk payouts using powerful APIs

Post 09 Nov 2021

When you are battling to make multiple payments using different payment methods, bulk payouts API are the latest go-to payment solution for organizations. Bulk payouts APIs have largely proved to be an efficient and innovative change in managing multiple vendor, employee and partner payments.

So, now comes the need to know how to have the best bulk payouts solution process that is smooth, easy, and less time-consuming. But, first, let's understand more about how bulk payouts can significantly help you handle your finances in a more simpler yet organized way.

What is a Payouts API?

A payout refers to a money transfer from your business account to a partner or vendor's account. It is a fast and convenient way to send disbursements, rewards, commissions, and other financial payments. These payments may be periodic or one-time. The API integration automates payouts by quickly integrating relevant data in real-time.

So, setting up mass payouts in your organization requires you to enter the payee details, choose the payment method, whether you want it to be NEFT, RTGS, IMPS, UPI ID, or any other, just once. The API integration automates the process and makes payments automatically and quickly every time. Saying this, let's understand the benefits of bulk payouts and how they can change the scenario in making payouts smoother and more manageable.

Why choose a Bulk Payouts API for your business?

Your business is not sorted until you have real-time payouts possible. API integration makes bulk payout all the more meaningful. The integration simplifies the process to such a level that it requires the least human intervention, and most of the system gets automated. The benefits that bulk payouts bring in build utmost satisfaction among customers, partners, vendors, or employees.

Let's sum up the benefits of choosing a Bulk Payouts API for your business -

  • - Make payments to multiple recipients in no times
  • - Cater to any number of beneficiaries at once
  • - Real-time Account Validation
  • - Automate instant refunds, claims, and cashbacks
  • - Payouts using multiple payment modes like NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, UPI ID, etc.
  • - Validate recipient accounts for safe transfer
  • - Single dashboard for all receivables and payouts
  • - Track and manage funds in real-time
  • - On-time and easy disbursements
  • - Increase in business revenue
  • - Improved employee, partner, or vendor satisfaction
  • - Payouts can be scheduled for daily, weekly, or monthly

That makes a good smooth ride, doesn't it? So, the next question here is how do we get to know that we are missing out on something like bulk payouts, and it could change how we look at managing finances in business.

Now, with the digital boom and start-ups growing as much as large businesses, let's say you are an online retailer aggregator and have an app that has the top-end software that has best of the features to cater to end-to-end functions to deliver the products to customers without any hassle.

So, you think that's all you need, and it would lead you to great heights in your business, you are missing the reality. You are neglecting the most crucial factor in your business- real-time payouts to retailers that are smooth by the end of the day or even instantly. This is where Segurapay comes to your rescue.

Segurapay automates all your payouts with a smooth API integration that fetches all the data in place to make payments quick and easy. So, let's get to the nitty-gritty to know what Segurapay payouts do.

  • ● Initiate eCommerce instant refunds to customers
  • ● Distribute game winnings to multiple users at once
  • ● Disburse timely payments to your employees
  • ● Simplify the process to pay your vendors and partners
  • ● Timely and easy reimbursements

Get the best of these features with Segurapay payouts and leave all become rest-assured of all the tedious and repetitive work regarding your bulk payouts need. Sign up with Segurapay and automate the payouts process within no time.

How does the Segurapay Payouts API work?

  • Step 1 : Sign up for an account with Segurapay
  • Step 2 : Add and manage beneficiaries to your account using API
  • Step 3 : Initiate payouts to beneficiaries that are just a click away
  • Step 4 : Refer to dashboard for real-time tracking and reports

At Segurapay, we know what it means to have satisfied and happy customers, vendors, partners, or employees and their importance for any business. We exactly understand how timely payouts can make the real difference to a business to touch great heights in a short time. We are here to provide you with cutting-edge technology to provide hassle-free bulk payouts to numerous of your beneficiaries.

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