Making Payouts More Convenient & More Secure

A single Payout API-request is all it takes!

Vendor Payments

Upload, track and pay vendor invoices with just a few clicks.

Employee Salaries

Upload, track and pay vendor invoices with just a few clicks.

Customer Payouts

Manage cashbacks, rewards, vouchers redemption and refunds with our bulk payment solution

Partner payouts

Power partner payouts and increase Partner retention rate.

Game Winnings

Automate and disburse winnings & rewards instantly in bulk.

Utility Bill Payments

Manage & pay all corporate utility bills with our automated bulk api payout solution

Reimburse Employee Expenses

Process, pay, and automate employee-initiated expenses.

Run Incentive Programs

Automate Sales Incentive Calculations & Payments with Segurapay

Process Payments in just 3 Simple Steps

Step 1
Add funds

Add Funds to your Segurapay Payouts Account using IMPS, NEFT or RTGS.

Step 2
Add Receiver Details

Add multiple account details by bulk uploading at once and automate the payment process.

Step 3
Make Instant Payouts

Use our Pay now or Pay Later payment solution feature to disburse payments.

Sounds super easy? What are you waiting for?

Who needs a Payout API Solution?

Making Payments Just Got Easier and Quicker!

Introducing Segurapay Payouts API
Strong Payout API Integration

It just takes a few hours to integrate and launch our Payouts API

Payment Security Guaranteed

Segurapy offers the most top-notch security features in the market.Undeniably!

Bulk Payouts

Manage payments to multiple bank accounts at one go

Easy On-boarding

Start collecting payments in a day. Thanks to our frictionless on-boarding process.

Automated and Instant Payments

Avoid late payments with the help of automated and instant payouts directly from your Bank Account.

Multiple Payout Options

Choose from a wide range of payment options including NEFT/RTGS/IMPS/UPI

Easy Reconciliation

Improve the accuracy of processing the financial transactions with easy and automated reconciliation.

Schedule Payments

Never miss a payment. Create, manage and edit payment schedules as per your business needs.

Payout Links

Use our payout links to send payments within minutes without the need for bank account details.

Approval workflows

Set up an approval workflow matrix to automate and simplify business processes.

Insights and Reports

Get payment analytics and insights that help you grow your business.

Start making Safer and More Secure Payments today!

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We work 24/7 all year round, irrespective of whether it's a bank holiday or a weekend to ensure that our customers, vendors, partners and employees get hassle-free seamless service.

Our Platform is 100% Developer Friendly

Get started with our API documentation and SDKs to guide you throughout the implementation.

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