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Payment Gateway

Easy Integration, Multiple Payment Modes and 100% Online Onboarding

Our API driven developer friendly Payment gateway allows you to take full control of all your business transactions irrespective of your business type. We provide a Payment Gateway API Solution that integrates within minutes and has the Best Success Rate. Start receiving Payments now!



Fast, convenient and automated payouts via APIs

Automate payments such as vendor or customer payouts, employee salaries, insurance claims, rebates, affiliate and contractor payouts, expense reimbursements, game winnings and much more. A fast and reliable Payouts API solution for your business. Get Set Automate!


Why choose SeguraPay ?

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  • Secure Payment Solution

    Ensuring compliance, reducing risks, and increasing operational efficiency.

  • Multiple Payment Modes

    Get access to multiple payment modes including debit and credit card, netbanking, UPI and popular wallets.

  • Easy API integration

    Save time and scale up your business by leveraging easy-to-use APIs

  • Promising Tech Support

    We'll be right beside you, taking care of your every payment need and concern.

  • Quick Onboarding

    Onboard customers within a few minutes and not days

  • Dynamic Dashboard

    A single dashboard to manage all your payments needs.

  • Instant Settlements

    Reducing the time between payments capture and fund accessibility.

  • Perfect Checkout Experience

    A convenient, easily accessible, and high-performing checkout experience

Built for Business like YOURS

One Stop solution for Payment Acceptance & Disbursement

A Payment API Platform Built for Developers

Receive step-by-step instructions on how to set up and get going with our Payment API Solutions. Easy to integrate and understand API and SDK documentation for developers.

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A Trustworthy Payment Partner for every need

Integrations? You name it. We have it!

A Complete Digital Payments platform trusted by businesses across India

Choose the Safest way to collect, manage & track payments.

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